What is Threading

Threading is an ancient way of removing unwanted hair from the root that is less painful than other ways of doing it. It was popular among Asian/Persian people. It is in widespread use in country like India to remove unwanted hair especially from the face.

How does it work

It is done with the help of a special kind of thread. Hair is removed from the root by knotting the thread and curling a trap.

Advantages of threading over waxing

Skin does not burn.
Skin never peels of.
90 % people do not get redness or swelling. If this occurs, it would go away in 30 minutes.
Fewer breakouts than waxing.
Hair does not grow faster and regrowth is finer than waxing regrowth.-Threading can take the finest and the smallest hair from its root.
One does not get ingrown hair because the hair is removed from the root.
Threading can be performed every week, if required. Whereas for waxing, one has to wait until hair become -long enough to pull-off.
Threading is the most effective method to remove facial hair.