Age smart Power Treatment (80 minutes) $90

This is one of our most popular and powerful Dermalogica treatments. It addresses all issues related to aging skin like sagging, premature aging, photoaging and sun damaged skin. This treatment starts with two phase cleansing to shed off dead skin first. Powerful exfoliate like hydroxyl acid and enzymes resurfaces and retexturizes aging skin further which also helps to bring about luminous skin glow. We incorporate reconstructive massage which helps to release tension and also helps the muscle become firm. With help of highly concentrated serum and booster, skin can hydrate enough from inside At the end, we use two different masques, the first which cools down any inflammation that might have occured during exfoliation. The second one helps smoothen out wrinkle with lots of hydration. . This facial includes three steps of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, soothing massage, two phase masque and toning for the skin.

We recommend this treatment six times in the series. Generally, Micro zone treatments like Flesh exfoliation, moisture boost, skin soothing are best suitable along with age smart treatment.